Health and safety

Details of our Health and Safety protocols can be found in our Lab Safety Binder located at the entrance to 212 Votey. A binder of Safety Data Sheets (SDS) is located with this binder. All visitors should contact Dr. Scarborough for a laboratory tour. All personnel working in the lab are required to complete safety training as required by UVM Risk Management and Safety. Contact Dr. Scarborough for specific training requirements.

The EMERG lab is committed to providing a safe working environment and protecting public health.

Quick links

UVM General Safe Laboratory Practices: For general lab safety practices at UVM

UVM Lab Waste Disposal Guide: A guide for how to dispose of waste in the lab

UVM Biological Safety Cabinets: An introduction to biosafety cabinets

Sustainability practices

Recycle nitrile gloves via Kimberly-Clark's RightCycle program when possible

Use mercury-free chemical oxygen demand tests

Useful phone numbers

To schedule a biohazard box pickup: 802.656.5408