Our team

The Principal Investigator

Dr. Matthew Scarborough started as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Vermont in August 2019. More information about Dr. Scarborough can be found here.

Graduate Students

Panagiota (Yiota) Stamatopoulou, Doctoral Student

Yiota's research focuses on production of medium chain fatty acids from agricultural waste using anaerobic microbial communities. Previously, she did her MESc at Western University in Canada, focusing on the partial nitritation- anammox (PNA) process for sidestream wastewater treatment using membrane-aerated biofilm reactor (MABR) technology. She is originally from Greece, where she did her undergraduate studies in Environmental Engineering at the University of Patras followed by a MSc in Municipal Solid Waste management at the National Technical University of Athens.

Leandro Conrado Fernandes, Doctoral Student

Leandro is interested in developing robust, affordable methods for wastewater treatment that can be deployed in areas currently lacking adequate sanitation processes. Leandro is originally from Brazil where he completed an undergraduate program in Environmental Engineering at the University Center of Belo Horizonte. During his undergraduate program, he was part of the Brazilian Scientific Mobility Program and studied at the University of Montana and Columbia University. His previous research focused on biological nitrogen removal. Besides his passion for wastewater treatment, Leandro also loves to study new languages, to travel and to get to know new people and cultures.

Amy DeCola, Master's Student

Amy grew up in Wilton, CT and is studying Environmental Engineering with a Math minor at UVM. On campus, Amy is a member of Tau Beta Pi and the Outreach Coordinator for the Society of Women Engineers. Most recently, she interned for Otter Creek Engineering in Middlebury, VT where she was involved with stormwater, water supply, and wastewater design. Amy is interested in renewable energy, life cycle assessment, and waste management.

Kennedy Brown, Master's Student (Accelerated Master's Program)

Kennedy studies Environmental Engineering at the University of Vermont. In the fall of 2019, she transferred to University of Vermont from Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, PA where she studied Biology on the Pre-Medical Studies Track. She previously interned at the Philadelphia Zoo as an Environmental Education Animal Behavior Intern where she studied the environmental effects of palm refining on rainforests and the species who reside there.

Peyton Lienhart, Master's Student (Accelerated Master's Program)

Peyton is studying Environmental Engineering at the University of Vermont and is also a member of the varsity swimming and diving team. She is originally from Willowbrook, Illinois. She is excited to learn more about food waste and how it can be used to create fuel. She is also interested in renewable energy and the effects it has on the environment. In her free time, Peyton likes to travel and explore new places.

Undergraduate Students

Juliet Malkowski

Juliet is majoring in Environmental Engineering at the University of Vermont and is from Princeton, New Jersey. She has previously studied the mechanisms behind Venus Flytraps along with her research partners and published a research paper titled The Effect of Temperature on the Electrophysiology and Behavior of Venus Flytraps. In the future, she is excited to discover new ways to create solutions for different environmental issues. Juliet's favorite way to spend free time is outside either reading, snowboarding or hiking.

Olivia Mead

Olivia is studying Environmental Engineering with a minor in Geography. She is from Williston, VT and has been working with gas chromatography since May of 2019. In addition to her work with gas chromatography and bioreactors, she is interested in wastewater, water resources, and geotechnical engineering. On campus, Olivia is President of Engineers Without Borders and Vice President of Society of Women Engineers.

Venus Rohra

Venus studies Environmental Engineering with a minor in Pure Mathematics. She was born in Japan and has lived in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. Venus is member of the Society of Women Engineers and the Asian Student Union. In the Summer of 2021, she completed a Richard Barrett Scholar's project related to the role of soil microbial communities in greenhouse gas emissions from landfills. Venus is interested in a range of environmental topics including renewable energy, hydrology and biodiversity.

Courtney Clement

Courtney is majoring in Biological Science at the University of Vermont and is originally from Randolph, VT. She previously studied the acoustic variation of bottlenose dolphins in the Caribbean with a focus on how human presence impacts dolphin communication. She currently studies the microbial metabolism in landfill topsoil. She is interested in finding sustainable and mutually beneficial waste management systems and alternative energy. In her spare time, she loves getting out into nature by hiking, biking, and even reading outdoors.

Courteney Hales

Courteney is majoring in Environmental Engineering at the University of Vermont. She is originally from South Africa and has also lived in Angola for part of her childhood. She previously studied Microbially Induced Calcite Precipitation (MICP) as a soil bio cementation technique, through an REU and Summer 2021 Richard Barrett Scholarship. She currently studies the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from manure lagoons using biochar, for her Honors College Thesis. In the future, she is excited to discover new ways of using wastewater as a sustainable energy resource. On campus, Courteney is a member of Tau Beta Pi and the UVM Climbing Team. In her free time, she loves to go hiking, snowboarding, and climbing – really anything outdoors.

Former Students

Ryan Weinstein, Masters Student - Graduated August 2020

Reed Winter, Undergraduate Student - Graduated May 2021.

Cassidy Vaccari, Undergraduate Student - Anticipated Graduation is Fall 2022.